PTSA at Kalaheo School - WE NEED YOU!

PTSA can make a huge difference at Kalaheo School. We need your help and support, the more volunteers we have, the more we can accomplish. Join us for quarterly meetings to express your ideas of ways we can improve and enrich the lives of our children.

Becoming a member of PTSA helps us maintain insurance for school field trips and after school events as well as our 501c3 status. Our nonprofit status helps us apply for grants and other funding. Your membership is one way to help make it all happen! You can join at any time during the school year.

Please sign up or renew your membership here:

Who We ARE:
                                   President   -  Julia Diegmann
                          Vice President    -  Cherisse Rita

                                     Treasurer  - Chelsae Millard
                                     Secretary  -
Malie Smith
                                 Membership -

                                      Directors:       Aletha Thomas, Tiffany Keanini, Diane Faye

                           Program Chairs -

                                     Walking School Bus - Temporarily Suspended
                                     Reflections - Julia Diegmann and Chelsae Millard
                                     Great Artist Program - Chelsae Millard
                                     Recycling -  Malie Smith
                                     Battle of the Books -
Aletha Thomas

                                     Buddy Benches - Nate Keanini
                                     Box Tops -

                                     Robotics - Vacant

                                     Lego Club - Vacant

                                     Teacher Appreciation Breakfast - Vacant

                                     Sunshine Express -Mr. Griffith

                                     Kalaheo School Drama Club - Mrs Madayag and Tani Ishino

                                     Wellness Committee - Aletha Thomas

PTSA on Facebook

Like our Kalaheo School PTSA Facebook page to keep updated on current events!/KalaheoSchoolPtsa

Description of Programs

Walking School Bus 

Every first Wednesday of the month we walk from the Kalaheo Neighborhood center to school.

Find out more about times and schedulehere.

PTA Reflections Art Program
The Reflections Program has inspired millions of students to reflect on a specific theme and create original artwork through dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography, and visual arts. Watch for more information on entering!
Learn more about Reflections here.

Great Artist Program
This program was brought to Kalaheo School by the PTSA starting school year 2012-2013 and was a great success. Parents, teachers, and students all have high praise for the program which involves both art education and hands-on art creation.
Learn more about the Great Artist Program here.

HI-5 Recycling 
Due to COVID-19 there will be no recycling until further notice. Mahalo.

Kalaheo School promotes recycling efforts. We collect HI-5 recycling out in front of our school. We have recycling Mondays were the students are encouraged to wear their recycling t-shirts or Kalaheo Recycles green wristbands.
We encourage the recycling efforts for both education purposes, and to bring in funds for the PTSA. Each year we enter into recycling contests and have won thousands of dollars for our school this way. Please contact us if you would like to help with this program!

Battle of the Books
This optional reading incentive program is open to students' 3rd-5th grades. Participants will read from a list of 30 books and come together in teams to test their knowledge at our very own battle at the end of the school year.  Visit to learn more. Make sure your students sign up; they will not want to miss out!

Kindness Challenge

A new program bringing more kindness to our school. Details to follow.

Box Tops

We have been collecting Box Tops for education and are currently accepting your Box Tops! There are two collection dates during the school year, and we have a friendly class competition with a reward for the class who collects the most!


Our Robotics Club was founded in the 2017/2018 school year.

Sunshine Express

This musical arts group is directed by our music teacher Mr. Laine Griffith. They put on a show every year before Christmas.

Check our Facebook page for dates!

Kalaheo School Drama Club
This long-standing club at Kalaheo School was formed by Ms. Madayag and is now led by Tani Ishino. They have a show every year in the Spring!

Check our Facebook page for dates!

Wellness Committee

We have recently formed a Wellness Committee to make our school healthier. Find more information here:

Snack Guidelines

What a healthy plate looks like

A System for Healthy Eating

What's in your drink?

What else?

We usually do two Scholastic book fairs each school year. One in the Fall, supports PTSA directly. The other in the Spring goes directly to new books and materials in the library.

PTSA does all this and plays many more supportive roles to different events and activities throughout the year. Your help as a parent, grandparent, or willing adult can make a difference no matter how much time you have to give. If you are interested in helping we can find the right fit for you, please contact us today!


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Kalaheo Elementary School PTSA

President: Julia Diegmann

School Store Survey

Photo of Kalaheo School Admin Building from School entrance

New beautiful art murals for the 4th and 5th grade buildings.

Special thanks to Artist and Kalaheo School Alumni Trysen Kaneshige. Funding from the Annie Sinclair Knudsen Memorial Fund and Corteva Agriscience.  


Donate online to the Kalaheo School Fundraiser! Please let us know in the comment which child or children you are supporting!


Kalaheo School Logo


Kalaheo School Logo
Photo of Admin Building from Center of School