Kalaheo Elementary School

4400 Maka Rd, Kalaheo,
Kauai, Hawaii 96741

Ph. 808-332-6801

Office Hours
Mon - Fri  7:00 am - 4:00 pm
Sat - Sun  CLOSED


Daily Bell Schedule
M, TU, TH, F Start 7:45, End 2:00pm
Wed Start 7:45, End 1:00pm

School Safety
Kalaheo Elementary School is committed to keeping all children safe while they are in our care. Whether they are riding on our buses, playing on our playgrounds or learning in our classrooms, our employees are dedicated to maintaining a healthy and safe environment.

Campus Visitors
All campus visitors are required to check-in at the office to obtain a visitors pass. 

Traffic Safety
Traffic safety rules are continually emphasized. Please become familiar with the safety rules that are in place and follow them strictly while on the school campus. Students being dropped off and picked up must follow the proper procedures to ensure the safety for our keiki.

The completion of the new administration building required that we update our parking for staff. We took cars off the grass area on campus where children play and assigned them to the Kato Gym parking lot.  We are no longer able to keep the Kato Gym parking open for parents in the morning. School staff must have a place to park when they come to work.  Parents and visitors may park in Kato Gym parking lot after 8:00 a.m.  Sorry if this causes an inconvenience for you. Parents may use the drive by drop off or the overflow grass area up from Kato Gym before school.

Inclement Weather
In case of inclement weather, be sure to listen to local radio or television stations for announcements of school delays or closings. We will also try to email out any notifications.

Emergency Event
WARNING! DO NOT COME ON CAMPUS in the event of a lockdown, evacuation or other similar activity taking place at school. During a critical event, the primary responsibility of school staff, district staff and emergency responders is to keep the campus and its occupants safe while the situation is resolved. People gathered outside, can themselves be at risk, and may distract us from our primary duty of student safety. Students will be released only after we receive the "all clear" from higher authority.

If you hear of a possible situation on or near campus, please call us. Our staff regularly practices evacuations, lock down procedures, and fire drills. These drills are designed to provide our teachers and staff with the knowledge and tools to protect their students and themselves in the case of an emergency.

While we can never predict when a critical event may occur, we strive to be ready to take immediate action, use the safety procedures we have established, and protect our students and staff.

Disaster Preparedness

Please click here to view the most updated memo regarding how to stay informed when preparing for a natural disaster. Please try and refrain from calling the school for information. It is important for the phone lines to remain open so they can receive updates in a timely manner in order to relay the information to families. Please see the PCNC tab for additional information.

Your Student

Student Attendance
State law requires the regular school attendance of a child of school age. The parent or guardian is responsible by law for making sure that the child attends school regularly.

A+ After School Program
Parents who are interested in the A+ After School Program may pick up an application from the A+ office (between 2:00 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.) and turn in the completed application ASAP. Once turned in, your child will be added to our wait list. Placement of child will be on a first come, first serve basis. Please call 332-6807 if you have any questions.

Student Registration
New students registrations can be made online.  Follow the link below for instructions.

Kindergarten Registration
Kindergarten Registration begins at the new calendar year. See office for details. Registration hours are 7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. daily. Please bring the following items with you when you register your child …..
1. Birth certificate.
2. Form 14 - health records, showing physical and up-to-date shots.
3. Proof of residency: gas, water, electric – showing physical address and name. If living with relative and bill is under relative’s name – a copy of bills and letter from them stating that incoming student and parents live with.
4. Current TB clearance. Or TB must be noted on form 14 with Dr.’s signature.
5. This is also the time to request GE (Geographic Exceptions) either into Kalaheo School or to another school.

Kindergarten Age Has Changed!
A child must be 5 years old on or before July 31 to be eligible to attend DOE kindergarten. DOE will not accept a child who is not 5 on or before July 31.

The beginning years of a child’s life are critical – research shows that the brain develops most rapidly in the first years of life.

School Meal Service
Good nutrition is important to learning. Children behave better, have longer attention spans and are more eager to learn when they eat healthy meals. Kalaheo School’s Food Service Manager and his chef team are working hard to create a menu that entices students and parents. When students routinely start their day with breakfast, chances are good that it will become a habit that carries into their teenage and adult years. Breakfast is generally served from 7:00 until around 7:35 am. This institution is an equal opportunity provider. 

School Supply Lists
School supplies list are different depending on grade level.  Typically these school supply lists are given out before the new school year. See PCNC page for the school supply list. 

Parent Volunteer Leaders
Hui O Makua is Kalaheo Elementary School's grade level parent leaders. They are volunteers and assist Allison Matsuo (PCNC Facilitator) in planning monthly events for parents and students here at school. They also assist the teachers in finding volunteers for their classroom's and grade level projects. If you would like to volunteer and be a part of Hui O Makua, please send an email to pcnc@kalaheoschool.k12.hi.us

Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) can make a huge difference at Kalaheo School. We need your help and support, the more volunteers we have the more we can accomplish. Join us for quarterly meetings to express your ideas of ways we can improve and enrich the lives of our children. Becoming a member of PTSA helps us maintain insurance for school field trips and after school events as well as our 501c3 status. Our nonprofit status helps us apply for grants and other funding. Your membership is one way to help make it all happen!   See PTSA page>

Volunteer & Donation Opportunities
The students at Kalaheo School are encouraged to participate in a variety of learning experiences and extracurricular activities. Help us provide these opportunities for our students by volunteering your time or donating to our fund drive. Here is a list of some of the activities and programs you will help support:
     + part-time physical education teacher
     + technology for the classroom
     + grade level supplies
     + Sunshine Express chorus
     + drama club
     + school band
     + earth friendly school
     + junior patrol officers
     + science fair
     + computer lab
     + bus transportation
     + family night events
     + playground maintenance
     + 2nd grade flying high air show
     + 5th grade transition
     + 5th grade banquet
     + teambuilding exercises
         and much more!

Need Ideas on what to do with your child during COVID19?
Click Here:  bit.ly/KalaheoLearningResources

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