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Librarian: David Yukimura


- Our mission is to encourage children to love to read and to educate them in the use of the library and its contents so that they know how to select, retrieve, and evaluate information.

BRIEF HISTORY - Today's library was opened in 1997. The previous building (which had at one time been a cafeteria) was destroyed by Hurricane Iniki in 1992. Of the 10,000 books which we had when the hurricane struck, we were able to save 7,000, and the library operated for the next five years out of what is today the music portable.

COLLECTION - After Hurricane Iniki we requested and were awarded a $25,000 Humanities grant from the Federal government which was used to build up our collection. We currently have about 14,000 items. Funding comes from the school budget and is supplemented with proceeds from our Fall Book Fair. In addition, we have received generous book donations from Kalaheo School families as their children outgrow their books.

COMPUTERS - We currently have nine computers available for student use. Funding for replacements is through the Fall Book Fair.

BORROWING - Approximately 1600 books and magazines are borrowed per month. All our students come to the library with their classes for lessons every other week. Grades K-2 borrow with their classes and keep their books for approximately two weeks. Their books are either kept in the classroom or brought home at the discretion of their classroom teacher. Grades 3-5 may come to the library every day during both recesses and after school as well as with their classes. If a book is lost, student's borrowing stops and is resumed after the book is found or paid for. A notice will be sent home if the book is more than one month overdue.

CURRICULUM - Our curriculum is designed to give our students an overview of what the library has to offer them. To this end, they are taught literature appreciation, book parts, how to find books by using the online computer catalog, different literary genre, and library skills such as how to use atlases and almanacs.

LIBRARY CLUB - With 1600 items being borrowed per month, there are a lot of books and magazines to re-shelve. We have a group of volunteer fourth and fifth grade students who assist with the shelving during their recess. Once/quarter we have a small appreciation party for them, and those who remain during the entire school year are recognized at our awards assembly at the end of the year.

VOLUNTEERS - Many of our parents and friends help during the Book Fair, and volunteers are greatly appreciated for day to day library clerical needs as well.

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4400 Maka Road
Kalaheo, HI 96741

Office Hours:
Mon-Fri 7:00AM to 3:30PM

Phone: 808-332-6801
Fax: 808-332-6804

We are a dedicated group of educators who are committing our lives to providing your child with a nurturing environment where they can learn and excel to reach their full potential as students and more importantly as human beings.


Annual Notification of Privacy Rights
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ADA Program Accessibility Plan
Kalaheo Elementary School is committed to ensuring that individuals with disabilities are not denied an opportunity to participate in and benefit from any service, program, or activity, offered by the school.  See our ADA Accessibility Plan & Accommodations.

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4400 Maka Road
Kalaheo, HI 96741
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3:30pm
Ph: 808-332-6801
Fax: 808-332-6804
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